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Diamond Flux FN231

Soldering flux FN231 Description

 The Diamond Flux FN231 is manufactured in the Florida, USA, from organic components and Rosin. The soldering flux paste gel in syringe Diamond flux FN231 belongs to the class RMA ROL0 no-clean, does not contain halogens. Residue after soldering does not cause corrosion on the printed circuit board(PCB), components and wires. Flux residue does not cause electrical leakage. Provides excellent wettability of soldered surfaces for better solder adhesion. The flux is perfect for soldering any BGA, QFN, SMD, DIP, SOT and other electronic components.

 Soldering flux for electronics Diamond Flux FN231 perfect washed off with any PCB cleaner.

 Responsible soldering requires high-quality Fluxes!

Soldering flux FN231 Сharacteristics

Color: Amber
Softening Point: 70°C
Boiling Point: 280°C
Copper Mirror Test: Pass
Current Leaking Test: Pass
Phisical State: Solid Paste
Conforms to Standard J-STD-004B and ROHS
Low Activity Soldering Flux for Hidden BGA Pinout
Solder Flux Residue not Conducting, not Corrosive
Suitable for Soldering with Lead and Lead-Free Alloys
Good Wettability of Soldered Surfaces in the Production and Repair of PCBs
Suitable for Soldering and Repair BGA, QFN, QFP, SOIC Chips. For any SMD and DIP components
Not for Highly Oxidized Surfaces, Components and Boards. Use Soldering Flux for New Clean Surfaces

Soldering, Wettability, Cleaning

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There is a printed circuit board on which the connector is soldered. Diamond Flux FN231 for soldering and the connector itself. SnPb solder wire was used for soldering.
soldering flux noclean


Before soldering the connector, a soldering flux paste gel Diamond Flux was applied to the place of soldering. The picture shows the result of soldering. Smooth and shiny solder joints.
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Diamond Flux FN231 can be cleaned with industrial and manual water-based and alcohol-based PCB cleaners. Picture after cleaning with an alcohol-based spray cleaner.


Soldering Flux Resistance Video and Table

FN231 Flux Resistance. Steps 0.5mm

Range Volts Days Resistance
0.1-2000 Volts 1 Day 25 Mega Ohms
0.1-2000 Volts 7 Day 120 Mega Ohms
0.1-2000 Volts 20 Day 320 Mega Ohms
0.1-2000 Volts 45 Day 2.5 Giga Ohms
0.1-2000 Volts >45 Day >2.5 Giga Ohms


Connectors Soldering Video

Сonnectors soldering with flux demonstration.

Excellent wetting of surfaces during soldering.
Neutralization of oxide films from metal surfaces.
Easy to apply and minimal smoke.
flux soldering electronics



About soldering flux Diamond Flux FN231 from Developers

  Soldering flux paste gel for electronics Diamond Flux FN231 was obtained as a result of deep development and in the spring of 2023 the commercial product was ready to start sales. Development was carried out in Florida, Hallandale. It is also produced and packaged here.
  The research lasted about 1 year and 17 serious experiments and an insane number of small tests were done.
  To create a solder flux for soldering electronics, a number of requirements must be taken into account, and each requirement is very important.
  Some of the requirements: No halogens, no current leakage, corrosion resistance, operating temperature range, boiling points, no smoke during soldering, toxicity indicators, harm to the environment and people, shelf life, easy cleaning and many other indicators that are no less important.
  To achieve stable performance, it is necessary to carefully select chemical components, calculate formulas and molar masses. Each iteration of the soldering flux formula must undergo a series of checks and tests. The tests also require equipment that was purchased. Only numbers obtained as a result of experiments will give a complete understanding of the operation of the resulting formula. And now the developer company Express-24 LLC is confident that if soldering flux residues remain under the replaced microcircuit or SMD components, then the Printed Circuit Board will work, there will be no current leaks, and there will be no corrosion.
  Flux consists of organic substances that have been processed and purified to one degree or another. In its composition, each chemical component plays its own important role.
  This soldering flux is low activity, which is why it works well in areas where there is no corrosion on the conductors. This is an excellent flux for soldering new Printed Circuit Boards in manufactory and for repairing various electronics PCBs, including wire harnesses. There is no way to wash the flux out from under the wire braid, which means the solder flux under the wire insulation will remain forever and it should not cause harm to the wire - this is the most important indicator.
  We also thought about the packaging and understand that when transporting soldering flux in syringe, its packaging may be damaged, and for this purpose the syringe was packed in a vacuum package, which also contains a needle for the syringe.
  Since the soldering flux is produced in the United States, its cost price is quite high. The competition is at the highest level and we are very pleased to take part in an honest quality relay race for customers. We will be happy to answer your questions if any difficulties arise during the soldering process. Feel free to contact e-mail for any technological difficulties! We have extensive experience in the electronics PCBs production and repair of electronics, in technical processes on any equipment for the manufactory and repair of Printed Circuit Boards.

Thank you!


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